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Business admin and management

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Gaining a qualification in business admin and management is a brilliant way to provide learners with a solid understanding of management knowledge and leadership skills.

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Gaining a qualification in business admin and management is a brilliant way to provide learners with a solid understanding of management knowledge and leadership skills.

There are over 5 million businesses in the UK and, according to recent research, the UK economy will need 1.9 million new managers by 2024.

Business skills can be applied to almost every sector and across a wide range of roles, making them vital to thriving economies across the world. Effective leaders are crucial to boosting productivity; as well as improving levels of employee engagement, best-practice management development can also result in a 23% increase in organisational performance.

As such, the highly transferable skillset gained from business admin and management knowledge is in demand at all levels.

Creating better led and managed organisations also means creating more diverse, balanced and inclusive workplaces - which could ultimately improve social mobility and deliver economic benefits to the UK worth billions.

NCFE qualifications in Business and Management are a great steppingstone in helping learners to gain the knowledge, skills and behaviours that are required to become the sought-after business leaders of tomorrow.

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We offer a wide range of qualifications and pathways to ensure that learners achieve excellence and are set up for successful careers in the field. Some of our most popular qualifications include:

Setting the standard

We design fit-for-purpose qualifications which are industry-recognised and endorsed by sector experts with credible experience. For example, our Level 2 Diploma for Customer Service Practitioners was recently endorsed by the European arm of one of the world’s largest insurers, Aioi Nissay Dowa, who praised the qualification’s emphasis on communication, understanding, and eliminating bias. Other high-profile endorsements and collaborations include:

  • National Occupational Standards
  • NIC Services Group
  • Blueberry Marketing Solutions
  • Hampshire County Council

NOS        NIC service group        Blueberry marketing solutions        HCC

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Case study: supporting learner success

Collaborating with stakeholders on the development of our qualifications is extremely important to us. Just one of the organisations we’ve engaged with on our Business Admin and Management qualifications is Home Group, one of the biggest housing associations in the UK.

Home Group attended development days at NCFE and conducted remote reviews of qualifications in Customer Service, Team Leading, Management and Business Administration, to ensure they would be suitable and have a positive impact in terms of upskilling staff. This not only benefited Home Group as the employer, but will help countless other businesses, and provide the basis of a successful career in business admin and management for learners.

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My experience of working with NCFE on qualification development has been very positive – it’s been really worthwhile to not only meet like-minded professionals, but also to build on CPD.

Sonya Mullen, Learning and Development Business Partner at Home Group