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New way to access Surpass - introducing the Surpass Viewer

From Wednesday 24 February, there is a new way to access our online assessment platform, Surpass. This will be through the Surpass Viewer; a browser-like application that can display webpages that still require Flash functionality.

Over the last 6 weeks, since Adobe removed all access to Flash functionality, our customers have been using the new HTML versions of the screens within Surpass accessed via their web browser. However, we’ve identified several pieces of missing functionality and a known issue within the HTML version of the schedule screen. Therefore, we need to ask all users of the Surpass platform to start accessing Surpass through the Surpass Viewer from now. This will enable users to access the Flash version of the schedule screen and in turn, the full functionality needed.

With this in mind, we want to remind you that remote invigilation is now live and using Surpass Viewer is particularly important for users who book learners on remotely invigilated assessments. It is now mandatory for a Purchase Order (PO) number to be entered at the time of booking for all remotely invigilated assessment bookings. This is a mandatory field that will now appear in the Flash version of the schedule screen and should be completed in full for every remotely invigilated booking made through Surpass.

If a non-remotely invigilated assessment booking is made, the PO field will still appear, but we would ask users to enter ‘N/A’ for these.
Full details of how to book the assessments can be found on our website in the updated Online Assessment User Guide – Administration and the new System User Guide for Remote Invigilation. The Surpass Viewer itself will need to be installed onto all devices being used to access Surpass. It’s an easy and straightforward install and once installed is accessed in the same way that you would access a web browser; open the application and type the URL/website address into the search bar.

Please note, all log in details are exactly the same as they are currently.

You can install the Viewer from this link: https://viewer.surpass.com/. Full instructions of how to download/install and use the Surpass Viewer can be found here in the User Guide.