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Go the distance: research and insights

During our go the distance campaign, we’ve collaborated with colleagues like the Learning & Work Institute, Recruitment and Employment Confederation, MH+A and more to develop research insights. Together, we’ve examined the current state of the economy and labour market. Then, we’ve drawn actionable insights into what works to help providers design and deliver effective youth employment programmes.

Key insights
Articles from our expert contributors
  • In this blog from Brenda McLeish, CEO at Learning Curve Group, Brenda discusses fresh opportunities for people and skills development ignited by the Government's levelled up Lifetime Skills Guarantee.
  • Our CEO David Gallagher and Board Advisor Matt Hamnett explore the youth employment challenge and our solutions to resolve it in this article. Together, they explore insights which reveal how young people were disproportionately impacted economically by the pandemic.
  • Richard Eyre, Chief Programmes Officer for education charity, The Brilliant Club, discusses a recovery that supports sustainable, adaptable careers, in his think piece Getting Meta.
Podcasts and round tables

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Press releases
Data round-up

Discover the range of research and analysis produced by our colleagues at the Learning & Work Institute. Likewise, the REC produces regular updates on labour market activity and insights.

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Guide to the Government’s Plan for Jobs

Our policy specialist created this guide to help employers understand what’s on offer and enable them to decide which course of action to take to benefit their business.

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Go the distance podcasts

Listen to our library of podcasts for an insightful take on the current state of youth employment and the skills essential for recovery, featuring a range of experts from the sector.

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Opportunities for people and skills through the Lifetime Skills Guarantee

Hear from our guest writer Brenda McLeish, CEO of Learning Curve Group.

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