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Learner support

Here, you’ll find all the guidance you need, whether you’re currently studying an NCFE qualification or are considering doing so. 

Why NCFE? 

Our qualifications equip you with the skills you need to succeed in life and work, whatever the future holds. 

We’re committed to supporting you to realise your true potential and, in turn, contribute to a sustainable community and productive workforce.  

We believe that every learning experience should create new opportunities. We envision a world where everyone has the opportunity, means and motivation to access high-quality education and fulfil their potential. 

Which qualifications do we offer? 

Our portfolio includes qualifications from entry to advanced level across many sectors, helping individuals to learn throughout their lifetime. Whatever your starting point and your ambitions are, you’ll find a qualification that will give you the knowledge, skills and behaviours you need. 

To find out more about the qualifications we design and develop go to the Subject and Sectors area of our website to research what is available.  

Discover our range
of qualifications 

Where can you study an NCFE qualification? 

To find out where you can study a particular qualification: 

  • Search for the qualification you're interested in using the search box at the top of this page 
  • Type your postcode in the 'find your nearest centre' box at the top right of the qualification page 
  • Browse the map that displays the 10 nearest centres which are approved to deliver that qualification 
  • Contact the centre of your choice for more information. 

Our duty of care 

No learner should be left behind. So, if we permanently withdraw approval from your centre or stop trading with them for financial reasons, we may: 

  • Allow you to complete the qualification at the centre, subject to specific conditions agreed between us and the centre 
  • Support you to make arrangements to complete your qualification at another NCFE approved centre 
  • Give you the details of other awarding organisations who offer the same, or similar, qualification to the one you were studying with the NCFE centre. 

Rest assured, we’ll work with you to help you complete your qualification and achieve the best outcome possible. 

Your contact details  

We don’t have access to your contact details. We’ll only request these for quality assurance, and your centre will let you know if we make this request. 

In general, learners therefore won’t receive proactive contact from us. However, if you’re an apprentice, you may hear from our end-point assessment (EPA) team. 

Making a complaint 

Before you make a complaint about one of our centres, please raise your concerns with them directly, following their complaints process. They may be able to help you.  

If you’re unhappy with their response, please send us a copy of this, along with your complaint, and we’ll look into it.  

If your centre hasn’t responded to your complaint, please contact us and we’ll get in touch with them for you.  

To make a complaint about us, please see our Making a complaint** page.